My Natural Hair Journey (Part 1)

“Everyone’s hair is not the same”

My natural hair journey has been a roller coaster a bumpy one at that. I have been natural all my life and only did a baby perm (a perm with little percentage of lye) when I turned eighteen. Before I tell you my transitioning process I’m going to start with my first moment I realized I hated my natural hair. I’m going to warn you that this will be a very long post so I’m breaking it into two parts.

 My first memorable experience with my natural hair started when I was around nine or ten. My mom had finished washing my hair and was towel drying so I could get my hair braided. Like most black girls our mom’s were are first and sometimes only stylist for our younger years. My mom really tried her best with my natural hair but, it was always too coarse and unmanageable. The hours my mom and I spent doing my hair was torture to say the least and mostly my mom suffered. Knowing what I know now about natural hair I would have advised my mother to never use the hot comb on my tender head but, that was the only way to straighten my hair for braiding. I know I am not the only victim of the hot comb and it victorious bruises it left behind.

My experience with the hot comb made me realize that my hair was “diffcult”, “nappy” and “rough” and the process to get it straight made it more than evident. However, my mom did her bless to foster in me a love for my hair and I really enjoyed the times she spent washing and braiding my hair. My mom would always refer to my hair as “horse hair,” a phrase I thought had a negative connotation until she explained to me that mean beautiful strong thick hair.

My mom would always say I had hers grandmother hair, which was beautiful waist length natural hair. This very help me because me and my mom have different hair textures. She has baby soft 4a/4b hair texture that spurred beautiful wavy s type curl pattern from her head. Me on the other hand have 4c hair that has more of  densely packed z type curl pattern. 4C hair receives negativity outside and within the natural hair community. Due to the densely packed curls 4c is seen as unmanageable, coarse, and unable to grow. But that is only true if you do not take care of your 4c hair. That is why I am grateful to be a “born again natural” (someone who was already natural before chemically treating their hair and reverting back) because I now have the information, tools and tips to take care and grow  my beautiful 4c hair!

Too Be Continued… 



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