My Natural Hair Journey (Part 3)

“Self acceptance is the most beautiful attribute anyone could posses”

If you have not read Part 1 and Part 2 you are going to be somewhat lost so please click on the links! Once again I am sorry for the lengthy reads and 3 parts but, I believe the only way to start any journey is to first take a look at the past….

Now when I first got my baby perm it was not a disaster, however it did completely change the texture of my hair. My hair was bone straight with no definition. I could only wear my hair in buns because my ends were raggy and uneven and I did not want to cut my hair. So after a month (yes a month) of my perm I decide to revert my hair back to its natural state.

I immediately starting transitioning and researching styles on youtube. Youtube became my holy grail, I first watch naturalista like Naptural85, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, Kimmaytube, TotalDivaRea and countless of others. I learned how to really take care of my hair. I also received compliments on my hair  which really boosted up my self esteem.

From the time I transition in July 2011 I have been natural for 4 years now. I have watched my hair grow, fall out, break, damage, and my edges suffer. But, most importantly I learn more about my hair and grew to appreciate it. I learned several things like what products work best for my hair and what does not, how to achieve the best flat twist/two strand twist, how to properly wash my hair, detangle, co wash and much more. Now I can say my hair is the healthiest its ever been!

My hair journey has been a up and down one but, I appreciate every moment because it allowed me to love my thick kinky 4c hair.

The pictures below are in chronological order from when I first got a perm in 2011 to 2015.

IMG_1592   June 2011 (perm hair pulled in a bun)

IMG_1595 July 2011 (transitioning)

IMG_0244  Summer 2012


Winter 2013 (after my hair fell out)

IMG_1260 Summer 2014

IMG_2757 Winter 2014

    Spring 2015



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