I am cuckoo for Coconut Oil!!


Coconut oil is one of my staples products for my natural hair. But most importantly its an all purpose staple product that can be used on your hair, skin, make up remover, as a replacement for shaving cream, nail growth, teeth (yes as toothpaste), cooking and much much more.

I do not know how I survive without this product for so long. I was introduced to this gem last year and quickly ran to Trader Joe’s and pick up a bottle. I had the same bottle of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil for a year now!! This product goes a long way because you do not have to use so much to get the same long lasting effect as other products and oils. I literally used a dime size for one section of my hair (I split my hair in 4-6 sections). You can also use a small amount on your skin as well.

Now you may be asking what is the hype about Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is a “Super food” which has may benefits on overall health inside and out. Coconut oil is full of tons of fatty acids and saturated fats that have amazing benefits and positive effects on your overall health. Coconut oil is very often used as a weight loss. By digesting coconut oil you can increase your energy by 5%, helps to burn more fat which results in long term weight loss and cuts off hunger which helps you to eat less. Coconut oil also helps to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and infections such as yeast infections when digested.

Coconut oil helps to improve the overall health of your hair and skin. This oil can be used for deep conditioning. The night before washing my hair I massage coconut oil on my scalp and down my hair shaft and cover my head with a plastic cap to allow more heat to my head. This oil penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners and the longer you leave this oil on your hair the more effective it will be! Coconut oil helps to repair damaged ends, moisturizes the scalp with fatty acids, add more shine to your hair and smooths your hair for a quick and easier detangling process.

Coconut oil not only moisturizes your hair but skin as well. If you suffer from dry skin, eczema and acne just rub a little bit of this stuff on the affect area and you will see a major improvement. You can also used this oil to remove makeup while leaving your skin soft and flawless!

There’s so much uses for Coconut Oil, if I go through each and every one this post will be much longer than it needs too. You can purchase this oil at Whole Foods, Trader Joes or your local health food store. Make sure its  Organic “Unrefined”, “Cold Pressed”, “Virgin” this has not been chemically altered or bleached. But I hope you got the gist of the many benefits of Coconut Oil and will add it into your daily hair and skin routine!




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