ACV cleared my skin!!!!


ACV also known as Apple Cider Vinegar is most commonly used as a natural rinse to clear hair of product build up or control dandruff  but, it also has many more uses.

I use Apple cider vinegar almost every wash day to get rid of all the product build  accumulated in my hair but also to naturally soften, moisturize and prep my hair for easy detangling. I start by adding 3 parts water to my spray bottle and 1 part ACV, give it a good shake and it ready to use.

After I apply the mixture to my hair I always have mixture left in my bottle; instead of pouring the mixture out I save it a use it as my skin toner.

This ACV toner can be used on a freshly washed face. I apply the AVC to a cotton ball/pad then pat NOT spread it onto my face. Next, I leave it to dry or speed up the process by fanning my face with my hands then finish up by using my favorite moisturize. Most people rinse off the ACV with warm water then follow with their moisturize but, you can do whats best for your skin.

I started using ACV on my skin after a Google search online that yield ACV helps to tighten up pores to make them less visible and also helps to treat acne. The acid in ACV helps to balance out the skin and works well especially for people that suffer from oily or dry skin.

ACV is also much cheaper than over the counter acne treatments. A bottle of organic ACV cost around $5-10 and last much longer and has multiple uses.

I recommended that new users try ACV on their skin for 7 days until they notice any results. However, I would not recommended using ACV everyday due to the acidity, I only use ACV once a week or every wash day (every two weeks). I have seen a big difference in my skin such as less outbreak, even skin tone, my skin is less oily and has a much natural glow.

I hope that you will able to try ACV on your skin and notice any improvements.



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