Hello Friends,

Remember my last post when I said I would be posting weekly or every Sunday right….life happen and most importantly Law School happened.

I took time away from social media, family and friends to really study and prepare to take the LSAT. I when through rigorous planned study for 3 months (September- November) to take the December 2016 LSAT. This was not my first time taking the LSAT but, I was certainly going to make it my Last!

Okay let me first beginning by giving you information of the law school process.

Requirements for Law School: 

1. Undergraduate Degree from an Accredited college or university


3.LSAT ( law school admissions test)

4. Letters of Reccomendations

5. Personal statement

These listed requirements are how law schools determine whom to admit. The process can be rigorous and nerve wrecking but, with preparation you will succeed.

I am planning on documenting a law school vlog on YouTube and blog series to give insight, advice and tips on studying for the LSAT, polishing your personal statement and becoming a better candidate for law schools.
Please leave your questions or specific topics you want me to cover about the law school process.
Peace & Love






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