I got my nose pierced…then I got a keliod




Hello friends,

So since I was a teenager I have been wishing to pierce my nose. However living in my African household that was not up for discussion.

So I waited to my twenties to make the bold move. I felt like such a rebel since I never had any piercings besides my ears done. I got my nose pierced in late December 2016 and everything was fine. I cleaned my piercing everyday like directed with saline solution.

2 months when by and everything was still good UNTIL my nose stud fell out after I got out the shower. I knew if I didn’t replace the stud immediately it would close since I was directed to not change my piercing for 3 months until it fully healed.

So here comes mistake number 1. I rushed to my local beauty supply store and bought a nose hoop. Within a couple of days a small bump appeared on my nose.


I tried every solution possible. I kept the area cleaned and dabbed tea tree oil on it, I made an aspirin and sea salt solution and kept it on the bump overnight. And after three weeks there was on change. Unknowingly to me I was allergic to the beauty store hoop and the only way to get rid of the keloid was to replace it with a solid 14k gold or sterling silver hoop/stud.
I was able to find this affordable website BodyCandy  that sells all piercing products and tattoo care. I purchased 18mm 14k gold hoop, 18mm clear stud, 18mm sterling silver stud for about $3-$7   each. The bump is gone and my piercing fully healed after 2 weeks of having it in.

If your considering getting a piercing please do your research on how to take care of it. Also if you want to change your piercing after getting it done please wait 2-3 months for it to heal before doing so to avoid any scar tissue damage that’s can cause a keloid.

I have no affiliation nor am I sponsor by BodyCandy, I’m just a happy customer!!

Peace & Love



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