My 4c hair don’t do that…

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Hello Friends,

So I was recently scrolling down my instagram and came upon a picture of a lady with her 4c hair in a puff. Her edges were not SLAY nor on FLEEK.

The picture shed light on the shame associated with kinky textures such as 4c hair in the natural hair community. The picture was posted calling for all 4c hair naturalistas to love and accept their kinky hair even if it’s does curl, twist or edges down lay down.

When I first embraced my natural 4c hair. I remembered the silent looks I received and of course the ridiculous questions. However, I was more shocked when other natural women made slick comments about my hair. I was told my hair was very “thick”, “nappy” and “tough”.

At first I associated all these words as negative connotations. Now I embrace it, my hair is indeed “thick”, “nappy” and “tough” and it not only defines my hair but my personally. I wouldn’t want my hair any other way. 4c hair is versatile and equally beautiful as the other textures.

Post below:

So here’s my version of my 4c hair appreciation post, by stating the things my hair CANT do but CAN also do. Also my 4c hair is NOT an equal representation of ALL 4c hair.

1. Wash and go’s: This term doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary. However, I have watch numerous videos of 4c naturalistas pull off wash n’ gos. Personally it’s not for me I rarely use gel in my hair (I hate the feeling & flakes). However, this might be a style I try in the future.

Can: My hair can absord as much water as possible. My hair actually loves water and I have no problem soaking it up. 4c hair absorbs more water in it strands than other hair types. Water is great for 4c hair, it’s makes it softer and prevents breakage when styling. Don’t worry about the shrinkage give your 4c hair time to fry and it will poof back like magic!

2. Setting a style on wet hair: So this is a myth, some 4c naturals believe they have to stretch their hair before two strand twisting, Bantu knots,etc. I used to have this problem but it was because after washing my hair I wouldn’t allow my hair to air dry enough (about an hour) I do not blow dry or stretch my hair after wash days to set my hair. My styles always come out nice and dry.

3.GROW: I used to believe this one when I saw little to no growth in my hair. But this might be more of your fault then your hair. 4c hair needs to stay moisturized in order to grow and most of all left alone. Dry, brittle over manipulated hair DOESNT grow whether your 4c or not!! 4c hair does need more moisture but that’s were water or steaming comes in. Also styling out hair to last 3-5 days helps to stop breakage and promotes growth. PROTECTIVE STYLE!!!!

4. Edges: I would buy tubs of hair gel trying to slick down my edges and five minutes later poof I have a shiny forehead and kinky edges. I put my toothbrush and gel down long ago and I’m fine! My edges may not lay down but they still SLAY! This is something I hope all my 4c naturals embrace, especially when every other natural can’t complete a style without laying their edges down. Don’t fret our hair does lay down for anyone it’s here to be glorfied in all it’s kinkiest!!

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