ACV cleared my skin!!!!


ACV also known as Apple Cider Vinegar is most commonly used as a natural rinse to clear hair of product build up or control dandruff  but, it also has many more uses.

I use Apple cider vinegar almost every wash day to get rid of all the product build  accumulated in my hair but also to naturally soften, moisturize and prep my hair for easy detangling. I start by adding 3 parts water to my spray bottle and 1 part ACV, give it a good shake and it ready to use.

After I apply the mixture to my hair I always have mixture left in my bottle; instead of pouring the mixture out I save it a use it as my skin toner.

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Homemade D.I.Y Pre-Poo


Would you believe me if I told you all the hair products you ever needed were right inside your kitchen. Take a moment and grab these items from you kitchen or pantry: Extra Virgin Oil Olive, 1 egg, Mayonnaise, Honey and Coconut Oil (optional). With these simple ingredients you can make your own Pre- Poo mixture.

What is A Pre-Poo?

Pre-Poo is short for pre-shampoo and its an all natural treatment for you hair. It is guaranteed to make your hair more manageable, softer, while also helping to detangle your stands, reduce breakage, and restore moisture. If you suffer from dry, brittle hair or are experiencing breakage and excess shedding I would recommend that you add Pre-Pooing to your hair regimen.

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