My Natural Hair Journey (Part 3)

“Self acceptance is the most beautiful attribute anyone could posses”

If you have not read Part 1 and Part 2 you are going to be somewhat lost so please click on the links! Once again I am sorry for the lengthy reads and 3 parts but, I believe the only way to start any journey is to first take a look at the past….

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It’s hard being a Black Woman in America

It’s one thing to be black and another thing to be a Black Women. Black women are faced with more scrutiny and backlash than any other minority group. Even compared to white women, black women were reportedly paid 78% less than white women and 91% than white men in 2014. However, according to reports in that same year black women outnumbered all the other racial and gender groups in college enrollment. From ages 18-24, about half of black women are pursuing degrees, that’s 9.7% compare to white women at 6.6%, white men at 5.1% and black men at 7.0%. We are dominating in college enrollment and achieving our degrees but, still remain last in the totem pole.

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My Natural Hair Journey (Part 2)

“Embrace the things you can not change” 

When I reached high school I abandoned the idea that my thick hair was beautiful or even resembled “horse hair” as my mother coined it. My first year of high school introduced me to the wide variety of hairstyles, weaves and every type of hair texture imaginable. I adorn the girls whom worn long straight weaves that flown down there backs. Pretty soon, I notice that I was not the only one who admired these weaves, the boys at my school seem to gawk more at the girls that wore their hair straight or in weaves. This did not help my self-esteem at all and I become more disgusted with my hair.

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My Natural Hair Journey (Part 1)

“Everyone’s hair is not the same”

My natural hair journey has been a roller coaster a bumpy one at that. I have been natural all my life and only did a baby perm (a perm with little percentage of lye) when I turned eighteen. Before I tell you my transitioning process I’m going to start with my first moment I realized I hated my natural hair. I’m going to warn you that this will be a very long post so I’m breaking it into two parts.

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