Why is my hair breaking?


Split ends and dead end are not cute and never will be. Don’t think that you can rock your natural hair without keeping up with maintenance or good hair practices. Many naturals (including myself) fall victim to suffering ends, breaking, thinning hair and heat damage due to bad maintenance and bad hair practices.

Listed below are tips on good hair practice/maintenance that can help to repair, strengthen and improve the overall health of your hair.

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I am cuckoo for Coconut Oil!!


Coconut oil is one of my staples products for my natural hair. But most importantly its an all purpose staple product that can be used on your hair, skin, make up remover, as a replacement for shaving cream, nail growth, teeth (yes as toothpaste), cooking and much much more.

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How I moisturize, sooth, and hydrate my scalp while Protective Styling


I love protective styling whether its Marley Twists, Senegalese Twist, Box Braids, Buns, Crochet Braids, Cornrows etc, I have done it all! Protective styling is awesome because it protects your precious ends from the harsh weather elements, combats shedding and breakage from over styling but, most importantly locks in moisture. However, many naturalista’s forget or do not bother to keep up with their moisture game while their hair is in a protective style.

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My Natural Hair Journey (Part 1)

“Everyone’s hair is not the same”

My natural hair journey has been a roller coaster a bumpy one at that. I have been natural all my life and only did a baby perm (a perm with little percentage of lye) when I turned eighteen. Before I tell you my transitioning process I’m going to start with my first moment I realized I hated my natural hair. I’m going to warn you that this will be a very long post so I’m breaking it into two parts.

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